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New Beginnings

I’m changing things up a bit. When I originally started this blog it was for my integration back into The Netherlands after being away my entire life. There honestly isn’t much more to write about that. Maybe every now and then something will come up but I want to shift gears to something more relevant…

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When God Calls…

Some people know what God's calling is for their life from a young age, and are able to spend all that time working towards it. Others only get it much later on in their lives, I know I'm still young, 3 days shy of being 19. But till now I didn't know properly what God's calling was for my life. I found it difficult to choose a study and stick to it, because nothing felt 100% fitting or right for me. Every time I drew a plan it did a 180 on me and I could start from scratch again.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening! This week there will be no new blog post because I have launched my new vlog, Getting on with your Faith! This vlog can be found here I sincerely hope you enjoy it and it is of use to everyone! Have a great week and see you next Wednesday! Tessa den Engelsen

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4,483 Miles

There's ups and downs, heartache and fear, tension and jealousy, but in the end there's also a whole bunch of love. Welcome to long distance relationships.

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How familiar is the feeling of anticipation? Just wanting time to quicken so you can get to whatever it is you are looking forward to? Its a feeling all too familiar to me, one that comes almost every summer.

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Melancholy Part 2

Melancholy part 2 explains the second step into overcoming the drowning feeling of melancholy. Adjustment is necessary for all of us when we move, look inside for more ways to help yourself feel at home in your new 'home'

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