Month: October 2019

Conquering Mental Illness

Fighting against mental illness can be really though sometimes. It has the capability to cloud everything so much that we don't see a way out anymore. I hate that at times my anxiety takes over, that I start believing the lies it tells me because that's what it helps me to focus on in communication with others. That sometimes it means going to bed right after dinner and still having trouble getting up the next morning, that socialising can become difficult because its exhausting dealing with the sensory overload inside your head and pretending that everything is okay.

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Born to Shine✨

We crack when we break, every single thing that happens to us that's 'negative' cracks us a bit,but every time we crack we allow more light to shine through us. We are born to shine.

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Fire in the Skies

All of a sudden the leaves were gone
The pages were turned, the end of the song
But the Skies are still rich with fire
From every colour between red and blue
Maybe there are some things that never end
And for those that do, there’s a new beginning instead.

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