Month: April 2019


It’s really starting to bother me that all around me I see smiles, but none of them real. There’s the girl not happy in her body so she’ll skip a meal The boy making everyone smile is actually in denial The people struggling through problems we know nothing about, and yet we proceed to pout…

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Self Love and Trust

How are we supposed to love others, if we can't even love ourselves? I heard something along those lines in church and felt personally criticised. Of course I can love others, I love them so incredibly much, but myself? no that seems to be something I've never truly been able to do. I've been content with who I was, what I looked like, but loving myself had never been part of that. It seemed so easy to love others, I could give away every ounce of me loving others and I would do it in a heartbeat, but taking just a part of that for myself just didn't quite seem plausible.

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