Times of Change

So right now I’m just a mere two weeks away from my parents moving back to The Netherlands and back in the house that I am currently living in. Of course when I heard the news I was ecstatic, super happy my parents would no longer be a 13 hour flight away from me. It also means I get my doggo here in Netherlands. I already have my dog here and that’s definitely proving to be more of a challenge than I thought. Despite it being a challenge it’s great too, she gives a lot of companionship and responsibility!

The changes that come with living with your parents again after having lived on your own for one and a half years are the simple things, yet those are things you need to mentally prepare yourself for so that the transition goes smoothly. I’m so used to doing whatever I want whenever I want cause for quite a while I haven’t had to keep anyone in mind. Could live completely free of responsibilities or whatever, but that’s changing now. Already the fact that I have my pup here I need to get out of bed on time to walk her, when I’m comfortably curled up on the couch I remember I still need to get up and walk her instead of crawling into bed at the end of the day.

The simple things to keep in mind once my parents come back are things like being tidy, communicating on when I’ll be in and out, and co-living with parents again who raised me and yet now we’re in a different phase. It’s not that I’m not tidy when they’re around I just have my own agenda on things and now I don’t get to have that anymore. Afterall I am living in their house. But honestly it all feels worth it, even though I will feel like someones child again and not fully an independent women surviving in some weird country I get to see my parents. We get to keep building our relationship and I get to share the load of taking care of the dog.

I honestly thought I may be running out of ideas on the front of a TCK moving back to their home country, but thanks to my parents coming back they’ve just opened a whole new chapter for me! Also if you’re a TCK reading this or whatever I’d love to connect, if you have ideas on new posts that you think would reach our community do let me know!


Photo credits: Wallup.net

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